About Danmarks Indsamling

Danmarks Indsamling have helped more than seven million people to a better life and a brighter future since 2007. 

Danmarks Indsamling is the united Danish appeal for funds.

About Danmarks Indsamling: Once a year, 12 humanitarian organizations and Danmarks Radio (DR) come together to help people in some of the world’s poorest countries reach some of the UN’s global goals.

The UN has set up 17 goals that contribute to the sustainable development of the world. Governments, businesses, interest groups and private individuals all contribute to achieve these goals. In order to participate, organizations must work specifically with goals 1-4 and 6.

You can find more information about the UN’s global goals here.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals form the basis for Danmarks Indsamling.


Targeting the silent disasters

Danmarks Indsamling make an enormous effort in the world’s poorest areas, where the need is the greatest. Each year, the organizations organize 12 projects within a given field, which Denmark and Danmarks Indsamling unite to focus on.

Since the first national appeal, Danmarks Indsamling, was held in February 2007, the Danes have raised over 1,4 billion DKK, which has helped more than seven million people to a better life and a brighter future. In 2022, the Danes raised DKK 100 million.

Since 2014, Danmarks Indsamling has targeted all the countries that appear on the OECD list of the world’s poorest countries. This means that the participating organizations have the opportunity to launch development projects in e.g. Latin America and Southeast Asia. Along with Africa, these countries house some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.


Transparency and ethics

All participating organizations must comply with the Danish Association for Fundraising Organizations (Indsamlingsorganisationernes Brancheorganisation) ISOBRO’s ethical guidelines for appeals for funds.

This means that Danmarks Indsamling’s economy is transparent, so that everyone can see how much money is spent on the event. Danmarks Indsamling is covered by the appeal options on Indsamlingsetisk Nævn’s Ethics Board.

Read more about Indsamlingsorganisationernes Brancheorganisation here (in Danish)


About Danmarks Indsamling Economy and administration

You can find the complete results of Danmarks Indsamling on our website. Last year’s results are always published as soon as they have been approved by Statutory Auditor accountants. The results show exactly how much money was raised.

Danmarks Indsamling is a very efficient and low-cost way of raising money. The 12 organizations behind Danmarks Indsamling have pledged that the fees for administration must never exceed seven per cent. When it comes to costs for producing the show and collecting funds, our aim is that the cost percentage should not exceed 20 per cent. In 2007 – 2020, the average cost percentage was 15.14% per year.

Each of the participating organizations must specify in their annual financial statements, how much money they have received and how much money they have spent on the specific projects supported by Danmarks Indsamling. Every year, results of ongoing projects are published on Danmarks Indsamling’s website.