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Danmarks Indsamling 2020

FOTO Jens Honoré – SOS Børnebyerne

Danmarks Indsamling 2020 call for the big Danish heart

Denmark is a small country with a big heart. A country of vision and plenty to share. In Denmark, we want what’s best for our fellow person, we help each other without expecting anything in return; we go out of our way for each other. Not because of a sense of obligation, but because of a big heart.

Saturday, February 1st, 2020, Danmarks Indsamling call upon the big Danish heart. This year’s aid goes to children, who are on the run. These are children, who have lost everything. Their homes, their parents, their sense of security. Everything they know. These are children, who have seen things no children should ever see. Children, who have experienced and survived things that would crush most adults.

Millions of the world’s children live a life that is not kid-friendly. They are on the run from war, poverty, and climate change. Many children have left their homes and homelands without their parents. They end up on the street with a responsibility to feed themselves and their siblings, well before they should be undertaking such responsibilities. The struggle for survival can lead the children to begging, crime, prostitution or into trafficking. And they can be easy victims of assault, violence or recruited into terrorist movements.

With 12 projects in 12 countries across three continents, we help provide what these children need. Protection, education, medical care. We do this because a life of refuge is not for children, no matter where in the world they are born. Because all children are entitled to a safe childhood. Because we are a small country with a big heart.