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Danmarks Indsamling 2022

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Photo by Joris Lugtigheid

The corona crisis has divided the world in two. In our safe corner of the world, we have slowly returned to normal life, but in many of the world’s poorest countries, the crisis is out of control. Mortality has risen, poverty has grown, people are starving. Where the need was great before, it is now extreme, and it will take years for the world’s poorest to fight their way back to a pre-pandemic level.

The consequences of covid-19 affect everyone, but often the smallest, are the biggest victims. Even though it is not the children who get sickest with Covid-19, they are often the ones who get affected the most. Because their hope for a better future disappears. For millions of children, a familiar everyday life with school and play has been replaced by a life where hardship and insecurity fill everything. The risk of dying of starvation or malnutrition is imminent, and the fear of being forced to migrate is constant.

That is why Danmarks Indsamling again this year calls on the Danes’ big heart. With sustainable development projects in 14 countries, together we can give the children of the corona crisis a fresh start, with new hope and new opportunities. We can help where the need is most evident, but also where the disaster is quiet and easily overlooked. We can ensure that children have access to clean drinking water; that they receive education and protection; that there is a doctor who can help and an adult who can give them the care they need.

We need to do it because we are a small country with a big heart. We should do it now because the children of the corona crisis are in dire need of our help. And we must do it together because no one can do it alone.

Join us when the whole of Denmark gathers in the service of the good cause on DR1 Saturday 29 January 2022.

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