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Danmarks Indsamling 2023

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Photo by Joris Lugtigheid

War in Ukraine, drought in the Horn of Africa, climate crisis, food crisis and the corona pandemic. The world is on fire, and the consequences for the world’s poorest are fatal.

It is the children who pay the highest price. Children who succumb to hunger. Children who must survive without access to vital vaccines. Children who are unable to access schools or other types of education and remain stuck in poverty. Very young girls who are pushed into forced marriage or forced into prostitution, because their parents have no other choice. Children who must escape from their safe homes as a result of climate changes or because of war’s initiated by adults.

Right now, we are experiencing too many global crises, where the world’s poorest children are the biggest victims.

Their distress is inhumane and calls for action now.

With targeted development projects in 15 countries, Denmark’s 12 largest humanitarian organizations helps some of the most vulnerable children and families affected by the world’s crises. We ensure that the children get food and access to clean drinking water, that they receive education, medical care and psychological assistance, human care, and protection.

We know that our projects make a difference. But we cannot do it alone.

That is why we are calling on all of Denmark, so that we can once again show, that we are a small country with a big heart. Together we can ensure that the world’s most vulnerable children are not forgotten, in a world on fire. Together we can create hope and opportunities for the children so that they can get a better future.